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Lifting Him Up (2003-03-01 - 9:57 a.m.)

March is here. It is time for a change. "Spring cleaning," if you will. I am a worship leader. That is my calling in life. If I am to fulfill that calling, there are some things which must happen. I have been reading a book that I picked up at Half Price Books recently. It's called "Lifting Him Up," by Ron Kenoly. Kenoly is a rather well-known worship leader and composer of one of the most popular P&W albums of all time, "Lift Him Up." One of the key things that he mentions that worship leaders must be is good students of the Word. I must confess that I have not been a good student of the Word in recent months. Oh, I have read some. I have a read a chapter here and there. I even kept up with a "read the Bible through in a year" plan for a whole month! This all must change. I'm not sure how, but I'm leaving that up to the Lord. As I pause to pray right now, that will be the main theme of the prayer. Father, help me to rely on the resurrection life of Jesus. Let me not rely on my own understanding.

I'm starting on Romans today in the Closer Walk magazine. It will take the month of March to read through Romans. Romans is a key book in the Bible. It graphicly displays the salvation message to all people.

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