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Worship and faith (2003-03-10 - 4:06 p.m.)

Monday afternoon, and all seems to be well. Christi is doing better all the time. Stephanie is on Spring Break, and her and her friends are out swimming in the pool. It's heated up to about 90 degrees (the thing is off a little, so it's probably closer to 85), and they are having a great time. It's the first swim of the season. I guess that officially brings spring to the Bickleyhouse, even though "spring" is still two weeks away.

There is going to be a "night of praise" at a local church on the 21st. I'm planning to go. Richard Henderson is supposed to be leading, and it should be really good. I'm thinking that perhaps it might open an opportunity for me. We shall see.

I just read a chapter in "Up With Worship" that is phenomenal! This author actually has the nerve to compare worship with sex! And I think it is fantastic! Oh, how many "fundamentalists" would gasp at the idea! "How dare she!" But if you consider how she presents it, it is so right on! The intimate relationship between a husband and wife is such a mirror of the relationship between me and my God. As a matter of fact, that marriage relationship is PATTERNED after the relationship with God. The intimacy between husband and wife is the bedrock of the marriage. Couples who don't experience this have a dry, sterile relationship, yet claim that they love each other. How many people claim to love God, yet never spend time bowing before Him in worship, proclaiming their love to Him with tears of joy and repentance? I'm not saying that worship has to be "charismatic" in nature in order to be authentic, although I have come to a place where I seriously doubt that the dry, sterile singing of dusty old hymns week after week constitutes real worship. Again, don't get me wrong. I love hymns and use them frequently. The modifiers are "dry" and "sterile." The relationship must be alive! And worship should be the bedrock of the church. Even the church where I serve as worship leader has a problem being more concerned with people than it is with God. I pray for this to change.

I just read the bulk of Romans 4. The faith of Abraham in this passage is remarkable. He simply believed what God told him would happen. He didn't look at the circumstances. He was about 100 years old, as was his wife, who had never had a child. Yet, here was the Angel of the Lord, telling him that this time next year, they would have a son. Wow. Abraham believed. No question. Oh, that my faith would be that strong!

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