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Chicago and slavery (2003-03-15 - 10:02 a.m.)

I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to keep this journal here. I realize it is a free thing, so complaints pretty much have no basis, but the administrator lies. The news says that template changes will be turned off when the server is busy, but he has also turned off any new diary entries. :-p to that...Obviously that is a ploy to get more of us to pay the premium. He keeps promising the server will be up in a couple of days. We'll see.

I finished a really good book late last night. I stayed up past midnight reading because I just couldn't stop. I had to find out how it ended. It is called "The Man Who Killed His Brother," written by Stephen R Donaldson. It was published back in the 80's under a psuedonym, but has recently been re-released and slightly revised. It's a departure for Donaldson, who has traditionally written science fiction/fantasy genre. This is a straight-up mystery/thriller. And it held my interest all the way through. This shows a writer's versatility! This book may have been better than The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever.

On the subject of movies, Christi and I saw Chicago yesterday afternoon. What a fun movie! Very well done, and very intertaining. I find it amusing that the media like this movie as well as they do, since it depicts them all as puppets controlled by the lawyers. I loved that part of the movie, because that is what the media truly are. A bunch of puppets, whose strings are pulled by influential people, such as lawyers and celebrities. Of course, it trickles down hill, and too often we, the citizens, allow our strings to be controlled by the media. That scene in Chicago is probably one of the best movie scenes I have seen in ages. Talent-wise, though, they could have done better. Zeta-Jones is fantastic as the initial antagonist. Zellweiger (sp?) is tolerable as Roxie Hart. Personally, I think she's too whiny and I don't like her face! Gere played the lawyer well, but he can't dance! His singing was ok, but he doesn't have the facial expression to do a musical. Wonder how he and Zellweiger got the jobs?? I think, however, that Zeta-Jones deserves an Oscar for that role. Another great scene in the movie is the "Pop, Six, Squish, Ah-Ah, Cicero, Lipschitz" scene. Of course, it is rather uncomfortable for us guys. Could make us squirm a little...heheh..."He ran into my knife...10 times!" LOL!!

I finally got my owners' manual for my Korg D1200 recorder!! Yay!! Now, I can make some records!! Oops...showing my age, here...some cds!! Rachel and I can now get to work on Christi's birthday cd that we were supposed to make last year *sheepish grin*.

I need to get moving, here. I want to sequence a song for church tomorrow, and we are going to visit my parents this afternoon in Mineral Wells.

On the serious side, Chambers talks about slavery in yesterday's reading. Whatever we yield to, we become a slave to. If we yield to lust, we become a slave to lust. The only way to get free of that slavery is to yield to Christ. I've read quite a few of the other diaries on this site. There are a lot of people enslaved to a lot of things! It's kind of sad to see. I guess everyone is a slave to something or someone. I pray that I can be a slave only to Jesus Christ.

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