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View from the Top (2003-03-30 - 8:20 a.m.)

Not much time this morning...wasted too much time checking email. Lots of junk mail. Not spam, though, because somewhere down the line, I actually ASKED for this junk!

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Of course, Rachel is walking on cloud nine due to last night's revelation that she is actually going to meet James Marsters and Ghost of the Robot and Anthony Stewart Head and others at the Chicago Flashback Weekend Buffy Fan Event. If you don't believe me, just read her diary (ghostiness). Her Mom and I are currently the coolest parents on the planet. That will last a day or two, I'm sure. lol

I took Lindsey and her to see "View From the Top" yesterday. It's a pretty good movie. Gwyneth Paltrow is TALL. I mean really. She kept having to bend over to kiss the guy in that movie. Some Ruffalo guy...rhymes with buffalo? Anyway, it's a silly movie, of course, but it wasn't bad, and I'm having trouble figuring out why it was a PG-13. I mean Applegate did flip off Paltrow, and they said BS a couple of times, and there were lots of shots of Appleget, Paltrow, and Kelly in skimpy bikinis, but, hey, they never showed any "strategic body parts." I guess there were some implied sexual things...anyway, it was ok. It was fun to see, and we laughed a lot. Mike Myers had this really weird eye thing going on. One eye was kind of crossed.

Ok, I need to get serious for a few minutes, at least. I am, after all, trying to prepare to lead a worship service this morning. Chambers speaks of how necessary it is go get into the mind of Christ in order to truly intercede in prayer. This requires an intimate relationship with the Father. In short, we must worship before we try to pray. How can we even dare to just come before the Father and attempt to ask Him for things before we acknowledge His presence and worth with worship.

Gotta go,


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