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Am I ready? (2003-04-21 - 4:58 p.m.)

Are we really ready? Perhaps I should I really ready? Ready for what, you might ask? Ready for God to move. How much time do I waste "getting ready" to act after I have "heard for God" about something? If I were really ready, I wouldn't have to waste any time "getting ready." So I need to make up my mind to "be ready" all the time.

Starting this 52-week plan today called "Footsteps Through the Bible." It is a 52-week chronological reading plan through the entire Bible. Sounds like fun. I'll be reading the new English Standard Version. I really like this new version. It is the newest "serious" version out. By "serious" I mean such as the King James, the Revised Standard, or the American Standard. It is not to imply that the NIV and other more modern translations are not truly "serious." Well, I know what I mean, and that's really all that matters, because who else reads this, anyway?? I would like to read The Message for this, but the plan breaks passages down into verses, and The Message is in straight paragraph form. By the of my pet peeves...The Message is a TRANSLATION. IT IS NOT A PARAPHRASE!! There. I read Genesis 1-3, the events of which allegedly occurred around 2066 BC. These chapters cover the six days of creation, the seventh day, Adam and Eve, the temptation and fall, and the consequences of their sin. A lot happened in those three chapters!

I'm beginning to think that our church needs hymnals. Egad! Who woulda thunk it?

I just read 1 Corinthians 15. What a glorious passage of Scripture! What a hope we have in Christ. Regardless of how bad things seem. Regardless of what sin might have sway over us at the moment. Regardless of the troubles or pain or devastation in our lives. We have a hope in Christ because of what we celebrated yesterday! (Ghosty, don't ever forget that, please!!)

I must never say "I can't" in relation to anything that God wants me to do. This kind of goes full circle back to the beginning of today's entry and being ready all the time. "If we have received the Holy Spirit, God expects the work of the Holy Spirit to be manifested in us."--Oswald Chambers

"Let not your heart be troubled..."--Jesus

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