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Buffy, Conventions, and a con artist (2003-05-01 - 4:57 p.m.)

Ok...I'm back. I've just upgraded to Gold, so I'm going to be playing around with my entry screens, etc. for a while. Gotta learn more about that HTML stuff! I think Ghostiness will help me :-)

Well, anyway...I'm going to continue keeping my devotional journal here, as well as give reviews (opinions) of whatever I see or read that I want to talk about. For example, we watched the new Buffy episode Tuesday night. I believe it was called "Empty Spaces." (Of course, they never tell you that while you're watching it, do they?) It was, of course, kind of a downer. Xander was classic as he layed in bed with a patch over his left eye and declared that "I need a parrot!" Yay, Xander! Instead of moping around about his lost eye, he makes pirate jokes! But then Willow starts to cry. Now, let me say this: I can take almost anything on a Buffy episode, but when Willow CRIES, I lose it! Just a week or so ago, we watched the episode from season two where Jenny Calander (sp?) gets killed by Angel (I keep typing Angle. Hmm) and he watches from outside Buffy's house when they get the phone call. Buffy just kind of hands the phone to Willow and slides down the wall with a dumbfounded look on her face while Willow's face starts that crying thing! Gah! When Willow cries, the world cries with her! Anyway, in Tuesday's thingy, all of the SIT's wind up kicking Buffy out and sort of electing Faith as their leader. Now, I knew that this was going to happen because I read spoilage (which I am NOT going to do for the finale...I do NOT want to know. I want to be surprised! So if you know...DON'T TELL ME!), but it was still kind of cool the way it came down. This Caleb guy is bad news. Superhuman strength, hates these "dirty girls," etc. Goes to show you what happens when your other tv show gets cancelled! I guess he's mad about Firefly. *weg* (was that better ghostie? Probably not.) heheh...for those of you who do not know, the guy that plays Caleb was the captain of the ship in Firefly, the ill-fated Sci-Fi Western that Joss also directed. I really like it, too. Sigh. Well, next week on Buffy, everybody boinks. Well, practically! I mean we have Xanya again (one last time,eh?), then we have "Food" (or is it "Waith?" Maybe we should use first names, so it could be "Raith." Kind of gives it a LOTR flavor.) and...*shudder*...we have "Killow" (or "Wennedy.") Did I miss anybody? What's going on here, anyway? Is everybody just deciding that they're all gonna die so they might as well just...well never mind.

Ok. One week from Friday, we board an almost bankrupt AA plane for Chicago for the Flashback Weekend Buffy Fan Event featuring *drum roll* James Marsters and Ghost of the Robot! *confetti, party noises, etc.* Also appearing are (not Giles, anymore, sadly...he must be in the UK filming something) Jonathan and Andrew, Kennedy, Adam, and the Master, and some extra that played one of the many vampires that get killed all the time. Should be much fun. There will be plenty of opportunities for pictures, etc, and we are guaranteed autographs from Spike, Jonathan, Andrew, and The Master. Of course, this is mostly about Spike.

Ok, enough of that stuff...I must get "spiritual" for a while. I realize that this may sound somewhat contradictory, but I am not the only Christian who is a BtVS nut. So there! There is a really good article in the current issue of Relevant magazine that deals with why the horror genre and Christianity kind of go hand in hand. I knew there was a reason why I liked horror so much!

I'm reading in Genesis right now, the story of Jacob and Esau. A lot of theologs harp on Jacob for being so devious. He swindled Esau out the birthright for a bowl of stew (!?) and then, at the encouragement of his mother, Rebekah, he stole the blessing out from under Esau's nose. Yes, he was devious. But, we must remember. He was also God's chosen. It was prophesied beforehand that the one born second would wind up being first. "The older will serve the younger." There had to be a means by which to get Jacob in that place, right? Seems to me that the way it happened was just about the only way for it to happen, so Jacob was just working the plan! I mean, do you think that Esau would just give it up because that was the way it was supposed to be? "Oh, Jacob, go ahead and take my birthright because that's what the prophecy said. I don't mind. And have my blessing, too, because, hey, I just want to do what Yahweh wants!" Yeah, right. Don't see that happening! Esau had to be tricked out of these things. There is actually even a bit of unintentional truth in 27:20. Jacob tells Isaac, "The LORD your God granted me success." He was, in his own mind, lieing to make an excuse for how he managed to get the meal prepared so quickly. But he was also proclaiming the truth. God had, in fact, granted him success! It had already been decreed. Afterwards, Jacob runs off to a relative's place. Uncle Laban, I think it is. He will discover later that he has met his match in "deviousness."

Wow. I just read a chapter in Up With Worship dealing with "body language" during worship. We don't realize how much influence/impact we have on those around us before, during, and even after a worship service. There is much to chew on in this chapter.

As I launch into Galatians this week, one of the first things I notice is Paul cautioning the church not to fall prey variant gospels. "If anyone, regardless of reputation or credentials, preaches something other than what you received originally, let him be cursed." (Message)

Must go take the Little Bit to kickball practice.


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