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Random Buffy Convention thoughts (2003-05-05 - 5:24 p.m.)

Ok, that "what is your inner European?" thing was kind of fun. I found that on Book-girl's diary. Then I did it, and added it to mine, so check it out.

We have yet another kickball game tonight, so I have to hurry. I've wasted too much time creating another banner, and I've yet to see my first one, so I upped the requested viewings. I still have quite a few that I am not using, yet.

Anyway, I really don't have much to say this afternoon, so I am not sure why I am even doing this. Still counting down the days to Chicago (four more nights at work). The weather looks like it will be ok while we are there...some rain, temps around mid-60's to 70's. So I will be able to wear "the coat." Yes, I will wear my ankle-length black leather trenchcoat and blend in with the myriads of other Spike wannabes. Except I'm NOT going to bleach my hair. Not that there's enough to bleach anyway. I am so looking forward to this brief trip. It will be like a mini-vacation, plus all of the Buffy stuff, and I get to see Lake Michigan. I'm really looking forward to that! We will be taking the laptop along with us and sbc/yahoo/dsl provides dial-up service as well, so we (me and ghostiness) will be able to find a local phone number in Chicago for our internet service and give you constant updates on the whole weekend! Did she mention that she chatted with Kevin from Ghost of the Robot last week? That was rather cool. Well, I must get a move on...we have to go lose another kickball game.


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