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Stupid Mavericks and late night Buffy (2003-05-07 - 1:48 a.m.)

I'm at work right now, and I'm not sure why. There is, like, nothing to do! But I had to come in anyway, and just sit here and make money. I think I'm in a Dilbert cartoon!!

Watched the Buffy episode from work. Stupid, stupid, stupid Dallas Mavericks!!! Stupid, stupid, stupid Channel 21 (our local UPN provider)!!! This is the third time this season that channel 21 has jacked with the Buffy!! The two previous times, they postponed BtVS until Wednesday night at 9pm. Tonight, they decided, in their ultimate lack of wisdom, to air the show at 11pm!! (Or after the game and post-game, which actually turned out to be around 11:15.) I checked out the station's website, and they wisely don't have a way to email them.

Now, about the episode. I don't remember the name. I'll have to ask ghostiness tomorrow morning. I will also have to watch our tape again tomorrow, because I kept having to run in and out of the room with the tv. Plus the cleaning crew was here, running their infernal vacuum cleaners!! There are some good moments in this episode, along with some truly disturbing ones. All of the "boinking" for example. Really disturbing. But two really outstanding Spike speeches!! Yes!! And *gasp*!!! Was that a tear dripping down Buffy's cheek?? Yes, it was! Wow. And while all of the other people were groping about, Buffy and Spike just cuddled. That was really kind of cool.

Well, must go work a little bit.


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