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Moods (2003-05-20 - 4:42 p.m.)

Am I a slave to my moods? Are you? We are most of the time, aren't we? How many of us would actually admit to ourselves and those around us that we really ENJOY feeling grumpy or crabby? That's why we fight so hard agains someone who attempts to cheer us up when we get in a "mood." What would happen if we made our moods slaves to us? Well, for one thing, I think that it would reduce the amount of sin in our lives, because a lot of that is just flat us reacting to some kind of mood that we fell into that day. We have to decide how we are going to act. No one can "make" you mad. If they can, then you have surrendered ultimate power to that person. We have to decide to be mad, and we can (but not easily) decide NOT to be mad. Right now I'm feeling kind of dark and broody. That's probably not a word. I don't intend to allow that "dark and broodiness" rule me tonight. By the time I finish typing this journal, I intend to be feeling joyful.

Hmm...a lot of time passed, here...I left and came back and forgot to turn off my browser. But, guess what? I got joyful in the meantime. Can't really help it when you are in the middle of a bunch of 8-11 year old girls from a kickball team at CiCi's Pizza. Egad!

See you tomorrow!

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