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The Final Buffy!! (2003-05-22 - 10:56 a.m.)


I think I have been putting this off because I'm not sure what I am feeling right now. It's been two days since the series finale of Buffy. We didn't get to watch it until yesterday, because Mom and Ghostiness were in Washington DC, and, as I said before, I promised them I would not watch without them. So Linzmat came over and watched it with us yesterday afternoon. We watched it twice, back to back. First of all, I will say that we were definitely not disappointed in the quality of the episode. It easily stands out as the best of season 7. Probably because Joss wrote and directed it. It's also easy to tell that he didn't have much to do with the rest of season 7, which explains why season 7 is so largely BORING!!! Don't get me wrong, there were some very good moments, but it just didn't match up to previous seasons. There was very little movement in the story line this season. But,'s still my favorite show. So we loved the show. Oh, my, how it hurt when Anya died. We kind of expected it, but it didn't help. And Xander loved her right to the end, evidenced by how he was trying to stop and look for her as the building was falling in around them. And she died saving Andrew's life. Xander says at the end, "That's my girl, always doing the stupid thing." Or something like that... I loved the idea of giving all the girls the slayer power. No more will there be just one slayer, and that's really the only way they could end the series, isn't it? I mean, short of outright killing everyone and destroying the world. It's the only way Buffy could stop being "The Slayer." I really wanted to see the little girl smack the baseball, though. Spike. Oh, my God! Spike! We really weren't expecting that! (Except for my evil wife, who sat in on the spoiler session at the convention in Chicago...she said it was exactly the way they said it would be...) Excuse me while I get a Kleenex! Whew. And, mind you, I can assure you that Ghosti is taking this really hard. In fact, she watched it a third time all alone last night...I'm sure she cried her heart out! Seven years of BtVS and who is the hero? The champion? Spike! YOU DA MAN!!! Spike saved the world and "died" doing it. (Of course, he was always "dead." Now, here's the catch...Spike is listed as a character in the cast of next season's Angel. So...what the heck is happening? We saw him reduced to a pile of cinders (the beloved Coat along with him). Could this be part of Spike's redemption? Must go check out what the BAPS are saying about this! Oh, how we cried! Twice! But we celebrate because we are proud! Spike saved the world.

Yeah, I's just a tv show. And I am really aware of that, ok? I'm just getting "into the moment," here.

Willow was cool, too, although those teasers about her hair turning white were kind of misleading. Heck, they were a lot misleading! It only turned white for a few seconds, but, hey, she gets a little credit for saving the world, too.

Wow. Joss came through for us. And it's really over. What do we do now on Tuesday night at 7? I think we should follow Alyson Hannigan's advice. Read, my friends, read!

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