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Review of The Face by Dean Koontz (2003-06-17 - 10:38 a.m.)

This is a review of a book I finished last week called The Face by Dean Koontz. As noted in my favorites, Koontz is, in fact, one of my favorite authors. I was surprised to find a copy of his newest book at the library so soon after it was released (I always try to check out books, especially hardbacks). This book did not disappoint. One thing that I have noticed about Mr. Koontz is that he uses a minimum of coarse language, which I appreciate greatly. There is such a drastic difference between him and King in this area. Anyway...Koontz creates a villain as horrible as any that I have ever seen in The Face. Corky Laputa is a memorable antagonist. I can't even remember the protagonist's name, but I can remember Corky Laputa. I'm surprised that I haven't had nightmares about this guy! He is cold and calculated, and manages to kill everyone that works with him after he is through with them. He is a servant of "chaos," so none of this bothers him a bit. In fact, he almost celebrates each murder. He has everything planned out, right to the end, in his plot to kidnap the neglected son of the most famous actor in the world, who is simply known as "the Face." As is Koontz's custom, the supernatural must enter into the picture, so the unexpected death of a friend of the protagonist turns into an opportunity for a "guardian angel" situation. I'm not sure that the good guy ever realized what was going on. For a long time, he thought that the dead man was the bad guy. But it was really screwing with his head the whole time. Okay...I just looked it up. The good guy's name is Ethan Truman. There. Anyway, this is a great book. I must say that I was absolutely mesmerized by the last 100 or so pages. Literally couldn't put it down until I finished it. Get it. Read it. Devour it.

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