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Worshipping God (2003-08-11 - 5:26 p.m.)

We had a fantastic worship service yesterday morning. At least it seemed that way to me. We opened with a Vineyard song, "Holy Is the Lord." It seemed a little slow getting going (our church is a little "clapping challenged," they tend to clap on the wrong's on 2 and 4, people, not 1 and 3, ok???), but then we had a baptism (third week in a row, I think, maybe fourth), and we sang "Every Move I Make." Something very interesting happened while we were singing that song. This has happened once before, but it seemed like there were about a thousand extra voices singing along with us. And they were singing very well. It was almost like the sound guy was playing a soundtrack with professionally recorded voices behind us. Perhaps the angels were worshipping along with us. It was pretty incredible, whatever it was. After that, we sang an old hymn, "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms." The pastor has been preaching about intimacy with God and was talking about Moses yesterday. I tied that in with this hymn, talking about how much Moses had to lean on God to fulfill his calling. Then we sang an old Dennis Jernigan song, "Your Love Is Too Pure." For the offering, we introduced "Above All." I know it's not exactly a new song, but we haven't sung it before at our church. "Knowing You," was the invitation, and it was cool watching the mother of the boy who was baptized go down and pray with her father at the altar.

Rachel says my paragraphs are too long. Sorry about that.

I'll try to keep them shorter.

Was that better?

As I told you, BrettX came over for dinner Saturday night. Barely. He was actually a bit late. In fact, he almost showed up at about the time he originally planned to leave. But he had time to eat with us and converse for a short while before he had to run pick up his companion (date?) for Josh's Adventure Club party Saturday night. I hope that went well. Eisley was playing! Yay, Eisley!

Last thing...I was reading in Joshua this afternoon, and in chapter 23 and 24, Joshua is admonishing the people of Israel to make their choice who they will serve. They vigorously proclaim that they will worship God. Joshua tells them, “You can’t do it; you’re not able to worship God. He is a holy God. He is a jealous God. He won’t put up with your fooling around and sinning.” (from the Message)

This makes me tremble. We take the worship of God far too lightly, myself included. We mess around with things that we shouldn't be messing with. How long will He tolerate that.

I know we are forgiven and covered by the blood of our Lord Jesus, but still, God demands that we take Him seriously. Food for thought, hopefully, inspiration for action.


PS...I'm putting another link in for my pictures of "Sunnydale High School," in case anyone missed them.

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