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On the Foal of A Donkey (2006-01-08 - 8:04 a.m.)

In a devotional book called His Passion: Christ's Journey to the Resurrection, I read the following this morning:

Thus He comes forth, the gentlest of the mighty, with no swords gleaming around to guard Him, or to smite the foreigner who tramples Israel, or the worse foes of her own household. Men who will follow such a King must lay aside their vain and earthly ambitions, and awake to the truth that spiritual powers are grander than any which violence ever grasped.

This was written by someone named Chadwick (I've searched and can't identify the person) about the beginning of Christ's entry into Jerusalem on, of all things, the foal of a donkey. A very humble entry.

All who are put off by the vain pursuits of modern-day "Christians" and "evangelists" must look beyond them to the Christ who would have us humbly seek him. I don't believe for a minute that Jesus would have us seek worldy fame or ambition. There is nothing wrong with trying to make ourselves better and even trying to earn a living. But when those things distract others from our true purpose, we have done Christ a great disservice.


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