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Vacation Almost Over (2006-03-18 - 9:02 a.m.)

Not much happened yesterday.

We've been on vacation all week. Kids had spring break, and Christi and I took the week off, as well.

Monday night and Tuesday night, Christi and spent out in east Texas in a cabin close to Canton. It was nice, but we prefer "our" cabin in Glenrose at Paluxy River Bed Cabins. John and Karen Wells have done a marvelous job down there.

Anyway, Thursday, Christi ran around and did stuff (car inspection, oil change, dog grooming, etc.), and yesterday, I ran around and did stuff (oil change for van, haircut, printer paper and cartridges). Outside of that, we have pretty much hung out.

I've played an awful lot of Warcraft and EQ2.

I've also decided that the World Baseball Classic is mostly a big joke.

And I'm not just sore because Mexico knocked out the US team. Frankly, they deserved to get knocked out. They lost.

No. I believe it is a joke because most of the players on the teams that are winning are professional players on American MLB teams!!! The only teams that have truly fielded "national" teams haven't won a game! How is this a "World Baseball Classic??" It's nothing more than a souped-up all-star tournament. With little league rules. Hah!

Let the season begin. Come quickly, April 3!!

So far, Stephie and I have tickets for the April 1 exhibition game with Florida, April 3, 4, and 5 with the Red Sox (Woohoo!!), April 8 with the Tigers (please, God, don't let Kenny Rogers be pitching that night), and May 5 and 6 with the Yankees. May 6 is Don's birthday (my step father-in-saw/coolest guy in the world) and he grew up in the NY area, so we have a booth reserved in the Rawlings All-American Grill for that game with the Yankees. I hope to be able to razz Johnny Damon at those games. I still love him, but I sure do hate him for joining forces with the hated Yankees! Plus, he really looks goofy, now. Ugh!

I almost forgot! I've apparently won a copy of the DVD of The Weatherman from Jack FM. Woot!

I have to drive to Dallas to pick it up. Unwoot!

TTFN y'all

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