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Revenge of the Rangers (2006-04-05 - 4:16 p.m.)

I tried to do this earlier, but "the internets" decided to eat my entry.

So I'll try again.

The Texas Rangers took out their vengeance on the Boston Red Sox in style last night. Final score was 10-4. And, like Monday's game, it really wasn't even that close. All of the Red Sox runs came when they really didn't help at all.

Wakefield failed early. His knuckleball just wasn't "on" last night at all. Rangers scored 4 in the first inning, with the help of a homer by DH Phil Nevin.

The hits just kept on rolling. I don't have a final tally on hand (which shows you how lazy I am, because with a simple click of the mouse, I could be at the mlb website where I could find these stats), but the Rangers got at least 13 hits.

Vicente Padilla looked a lot like Curt Schilling looked Monday night. He was sharp, accurate, and the Sox couldn't hit him very much. Manny was totally useless. Unusual for him. I think he was, perhaps, trying too hard.

Michael Young got his first hit of the season, and Wilkerson got his first official home run as a Ranger.

It was an exciting game for Stephanie, because, even though she indulges my fixation on the Red Sox, she is, at heart, all about the Rangers. So she was very happy. Her favorite player, Mark Teixeira, did very well. He made some good plays on the field, as did shortstop Young. In fact, the defense was very sharp. Laynce Nix showed how well his shoulder surgeries went by throwing a ball from centerfield almost all the way to home plate, preventing a Red Sox run from scoring. Nix is performing fantastically this season. I'm really glad to see him back.

There's one thing I don't understand, though. As is common, I'm sure, at any stadium in the country that is frequented by the Red Sox, the fans frequently break out into cheers of "Let's Go Red Sox--clap, clap, clapclapclap." When the stadium is at least a third to half full of fans of the opposing team, this can be rather loud. Naturally, the Rangers fans "boo" enough to drown out the Sox fans.

My question is this: Why is that the only time the Rangers fans make any noise?? Seriously! The Rangers had the bases loaded in the 8th or 9th inning, and you could almost hear a pin drop in the stadium. I'm telling you, if that had happened while the Sox were up, there would have been plenty of noise! I don't get it. It's hard to get the Rangers fans to make noise.


AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!! Can you tell that bugs me? I mean, when it's late in the game, and people have left, it's ok and even perhaps customary to move closer to the field if possible. But I watch people come in and sit wherever they please at the beginning of the game and then have to move five or six times because they are sitting in seats someone else paid for.

*Gets off soap box*

Ok. We're going back for more tonight. Kameron Loe faces Josh Beckett. Well, that's not actually quite right, is it, because they will probably never be face to face. But you know what I mean. I'd like to see a good pitchers battle tonight, instead of another slugfest. But if Stephanie's happy, I'm happy. Even if the Sox l....lo.....Hm...can't seem to say that.


TTFN, y'all

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