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School Starts, PK Stops, Chelation Starts (2006-08-13 - 7:28 a.m.)

Desperate apologies for the lack of updatiness in the last couple of weeks. I tell you, I'm just lazy. I could have written...just didn't.

School has started for us, this past Wednesday. Stephanie has started Middle routine. For the first time, she has six or seven different classes, all with different teachers. Well, that isn't quite accurate...she has the same teacher for two of them. Her Resource teacher for Math and English has a 10-year-old grandson who is "high functioning autistic."

God is good!!

We have completed 11 sessions of PK therapy, and Dr. Hamil thinks we should stop that for now, and just do straight Cal-EDTA chelation for a while. We will do ten sessions of those, then do a test to see what's coming out.

Stephanie and I did homework Thursday night, and she did great! There was no fighting or arguing, either. What a change from last year.

She's having another sleepover from last night. That's the third time this summer. That's also a great change from last year. She is consistently playing with her friends from our street.

We had our first parent support group meeting in over two months yesterday, so it was nice to see everyone again and give good reports on Stephanie. The leader of the group is thinking about buying a home hyperbaric oxygen chamber for her son and leasing it out to other people. We might consider trying that, depending on how much she wants to lease it for.

We watched a DVD of a DAN conference lecture by Dr. Anju Usman, who spoke a lot about how to fix gut problems and other things, but it was largely an overview, and the DVD presentation was extremely bad. Whoever made the DVD needs a lot of technical help. The slides were mostly unreadable, and the camera operator couldn't keep the Dr. centered during the talk. She's brilliant, though (the dr.), and had a lot of good things to say about toxins and fixing the gut.

There is still so much to learn, and I should be spending more time learning it.

The rest of this entry will be about baseball. So you can stop now if you don't care about that.

We went to two Rangers games this weekend, and they actually won both of them against the Seattle Mariners. Friday night's game was almost a blow-out, but then, after Kip Wells twisted his ankle, Josh Rupe came in and almost blew the game. But the starting Seattle pitcher walked a lot of guys and gave up, I think, 10 runs before being pulled in the second inning. That was enough for the Rangers to win. 14-7, final. 14 runs, 14 hits. Heheheh...

Saturday's game was closer. Shouldn't have been, actually. It was 5-0 going into the 8th inning. I don't know what it is about the 8th inning for the Rangers, but I wish they could just skip it. Volquez had a pretty good outing, but the bullpen almost blew it again. Aki Otsuka (pronounced "oat-ska"), came in in the 9th for the save. He had to pitch to at least one extra batter when star-boy Carlos Lee just kind of stood and watched a fly ball go by so he could play it off the fence. He makes me so mad. He wants over $12 million a year, yet he won't hustle to make plays. Gary Matthews, Jr. would have made that play, and the game would have been over.

This game was also Stephanie's "Birthday Bash." Her birthday is actually next Saturday, but she wanted a party at a Rangers' game and they are on the road next weekend. So we had it last night. She got to be on the big video board during the "Birthday Parade" between the 5th and 6th innings. I'll have that picture up later today or tomorrow. Plus she got a bag of goodies which included a Hank Blalock t-shirt, a black glove with Mark Teixeira's name on it, and some other stuff. We also got $50 worth of "Captain Cash" to spend at the ballpark during the game, so that paid for most of our concessions for the night (for 7 people). It was a good time.

The Red Sox have managed to win a couple from Baltimore after being swept by the worst team in baseball (Kansas City). They've gained one game on the Evil Empire this weekend. They have two key players injured...Jason Varitek and Troy Nixon. I haven't checked the updates...Tek is likely out for the season. But they managed to pick up Javy (pronounced "hovvy") Lopez on waivers after the trade deadline. So they have a good starting catcher.

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