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Who Owns Your Children?? (2006-08-14 - 3:56 p.m.)

First of all, I want to thank my diaryland buddy, hattaway, for giving me this link. It doesn't have anything to do with autism, but it has everything to do with the traditional medical community's grip on us and our children. There are two parts to this article. Read the first part, then click on the link at the bottom for part two. By the way, I didn't link to hattaway's diary, because she has it password protected.

We've had a bit of a meltdown over the last couple of days. Christi and I are really about to beat our heads against a wall (stimming?) in frustration as we try to figure out what has happened to cause this. All of a sudden, Sunday afternoon, Stephanie was acting as though we have totally lost all progress and are starting over at square one. Even down to the old "I want to go live somewhere else" statements.

I'm wondering if she got hold of some food/drink at school last week (we started Wednesday) that is on the "forbidden" list.

For anyone who doesn't already know, Stephanie is on a gluten-free/casein-free diet. I won't go into how bad milk is for us here...don't even listen to all those sports-driven "three-a-day" ads!!

Anyway, there have been several stressors that we can identify that might be players in this drama. She didn't get enough sleep Saturday night because we went to the Rangers' game and she had a friend sleep over. We had to get up fairly early (although the kids never get up before 8) for church. Our pastor's last day was Sunday. He's moving on to something else (he's young and a little unsure what he wants to be when he grows up). She really loved our pastor and his wife. She could also be "pms-ing." But it that's the case, this is the worst I've ever seen her.

Pray for us. Even if you don't believe, pray for us. Couldn't hurt.

In baseball news (couldn't resist!!), both my favorite teams swept their most recent home stands. The Rangers swept a four-game series with the Mariners. Ironically, the last time the Rangers swept a four-game home series was last season...against the Mariners! The Red Sox swept the Orioles. And gained a couple of games on the Evil Empire.

This is, arguably, the most important stretch of the entire season. I'm pretty sure all teams play the majority of the last third of the season inside their own division. Many division titles are decided during this stretch. Unless you're the Tigers or the Mets, in which case, those are pretty much decided already. The Tigers are this year's White Sox. But the Mets are extremely strong, as well.

Did I say "many" division titles?? Hehehe...silly. There are only six divisions, so I guess the word "many" is a slight exaggeration. Unless I decide that I was talking about over the years. Yeah, that's it! That's exactly what I meant!! :p

TTFN, y'all.

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