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Throw Down At the Ballpark (2006-08-17 - 7:52 a.m.)


Take me out to the ball game...
Take me out to the fights...


That's right. Last night's 9th inning at the Ballpark in Arlington featured a dugout and bullpen emptying brawl. Rangers and Angels. Finally throwing down.

It's been building for several weeks. It's all about pitchers throwing at batters, too. I'm not sure about the entire progression, but last night, Michael Young got hit by a pitch after the pitcher threw (I think) behind Ian Kinsler and was warned. So that pitcher was ejected, along with the Angels manager (this is automatic). Sooo....the next pitcher hits the next Rangers batter, and HE gets ejected, along with, I think, another Angels coach. Then Mark Teixeira strikes out with the bases loaded. :-p

No worries, because the Rangers were already ahead 9-3. It was all over but the shouting. Or the fighting, as it turns out. In the ninth inning, Scott Feldman hit Kennedy with a pitch. Kennedy didn't even stop to think about it, he just charged the mound. Before he could get there, Feldman had his glove off and was ready with a right hook to the ribs. By that time, both dugouts were empty and Mark DeRosa made a flying tackle on Kennedy. It was actually kind of pretty, that tackle.

The fight didn't last long, and Rick Bauer finished off the Angels in the top of the ninth to end the game.

Whew. Excitement not seen from the Rangers dugout in quite some time.

The Red Sox finally beat the Tigers, and the sorry Orioles managed to beat the Evil Empire.

I, along with Racecar, shall be drinking Pepto Bismol (I might stick with R-O-L-A-I-D-S...that spells "relief," right??), as the Red Sox and Yankees meet in one of the most important series of the season. And, just my luck, the first game is at 1:05 today, while I'm sleeping! Drat.

In non-baseball news, Stephanie has now missed three days of school. She was diagnosed with a sinus infection at CareNow, so I think she really was a little sick. But we are really afraid that something else is going on. We had some big fights last year over her just not wanting to go to school. And those of you who have any dealings with autistic children (high-functioning or not) know that, if they don't want to do something...they ain't gonna!! Hell itself could open up and it wouldn't change their minds. Hopefully, she will make it tomorrow.

Saturday, she becomes a teenager.



TTFN, y'all

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