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Once Again, Cellulitis Rears It's Ugly Head (2007-02-24 - 1:02 p.m.)

The ol' cellulits has flared up again. This time it's in my left leg. Before, it's always been in my right one. Great.

I started feeling poorly Wednesday evening. Felt a bit feverish. Went on to work, but I was gradually getting worse. So I left work about 2 hours early.

I stayed home all day Thursday, sleft on and off most of the day, and called in sick around noon for Thursday night. My temp ranged from 99.8 to 100.5 Sounds like radio stations. It ranged from The Wolf to Jack FM. Hahaha....

Of course no one will get that because those are local stations.

Anyway...Friday morning, I logged on and did a web check in for CareNow. If you don't have those, it's like an urgent care center that's close by. You can go there instead of across town to the primary care doctor. And with web check in, they let you know how long your approximate wait is, then call you when it's time to come in. wait at home in comfort, instead of in their lobby.

Went in after about 3 hours, saw doctor, doctor said "cellulitis" which I already knew, gave me an antibiotic shot and to oral prescriptions. Said come back tomorrow.

So this morning, I went in, and they didn't think it looked improved enough, so I got another shot and increased the frequency of one of the orals.

Have to go back tomorrow. Sigh. But cellulitis can be pretty serious stuff, so I'll do whatever they say.

Plus, I'm supposed to keep my leg propped up all the time. That's a little challenge sometimes.

Well that's enough. TTFN, y'all.

Oh, yeah. Got tickets for opening day for the Texas Rangers. They're playing the awesome Boston Red Sox for opening day again. What fun.

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