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Stop the Madness!! (2007-03-08 - 7:42 p.m.)

Just when I was regaining faith in America, they sent Sabrina home.

This is being entered during the actual watching of the results show.

Rightly so, Antonella and Jared were sent home. There is no way Hailey should have gotten through to the top 12. I even went and checked "" to see what they were doing, but they encouraged people to vote for Antonella.

We are still awaiting the last guy. I'm pretty positive that Sanjaya will go home. We will see in a moment.

While I am waiting, I will update y'all on my health status. I went in for my lab results consultation this morning. As expected, I have developed "type 2 diabetes." The good news is that, on the day of my blood test, my blood sugar level was only 110. Ideal is between 80 and 120.

But they have this way of going backwards in time to see what the average was over the past 90 days. How do they do that? I have no idea.

Anyway, that number was 150. Wow. Ok. Anyway...I now have my blood sugar tester and strips. But no lancets because Walgreens was out of them. I also have a pill to take every day.

I'm hopeful that this could be a temporary condition. The doctor was very straightforward in telling me that this is definitely weight-related, which I already knew. I've already lost 17 pounds this year. So I will continue that trend as I slim down.

Ok. Back to A.I. Right after these commercials, they will send the last guy home.

I'm very impressed by the announcement they just made about giving back. On the episode for the final 6, the sponsors will be contributing for each vote given.

Here we go....who is it? Oh. My. God.

Sundance is out?? Sanjaya stays.

I'm surprised.

Isn't it interesting that both of the people recommended by Vote for the worst were sent home tonight?

Well, as Sundance sings the song that sent him home, I bid you adieu. Only for tonight.

TTFN, y'all

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