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United Sucks!! (2007-05-25 - 1:05 a.m.)

Rachel is stuck in Idaho Falls, and I'm pretty ticked at United Airlines.

She got all the way to the little airport in Idaho Falls only to find out that her flight from Denver to DFW had been cancelled, allegedly due to weather.

Ok. So she can fly in to Denver but not out??? We checked the weather in Denver. It was...



Ok. Anyway, they had already booked her on a flight for Friday night at 7:30 from Denver to DFW.

But the flight from Idaho Falls to Denver on Friday was booked up. I'm not sure how they think she was supposed to get to Denver. I guess she was supposed to go ahead and fly to Denver, where she knows absolutely no one, and somehow get to a hotel for the night, then somehow get back to the airport for her flight back here.

At least they were willing to give her a hotel voucher.

But we got all that changed so she is now coming home on Saturday afternoon.

Thanks a lot, United Airlines, for making our 18-year old daughter's first ever trip away from home by herself such a memorable experience.

I'm convinced that the truth is that the original flight wasn't full, so they cancelled it. Pure and simple greed.

My wife flies a lot and says that every single flight that she takes is now overbooked.

Oh, well.

Stephanie and I will be going to two baseball games this weekend. The Red Sox are in town, so we are going to Friday night and Saturday night. And Dice-K Matsuzaka is supposed to be pitching Friday night!! Woohoo! This will whet my appetite for the big trip in July.

I'll be sporting my Dice-K t-shirt, along with my recently acquired Carl Yastrzemski jersey. Rangers? Not at this game, nope! Sorry.

TTFN, y'all

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