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A Glimpse of Heaven (2007-07-03 - 8:53 a.m.)

I have been to heaven.

Figuratively speaking. Of course, I'm speaking of baseball heaven.

I fully intended to post this yesterday, but the internet connection at our rental house broke just as I sat down at the puter.

I have, by my understanding, now completed the Full Fenway Experience, and I couldn't be happier. I have lived my dream.

We left the house early Sunday, and stopped at a nearby Friendly's Restaurant for breakfast. I was decked out in my Dice-K tee shirt, my World Series '04 Boston hat and my Red Sox jersey with number 8 on the back (Carl Yastrzemski's number).

We drove to Braintree and got on the Red Line at the Braintree station. There was a handfull of other fans on the train with us. As we progressed, moving closer to the Park Street station, where we would switch to the green line, the car got gradually more full of fans.

We finally arrived at the Park Street station, where we got off the Red Line. At this point, all we had to do was follow the sea of Red Sox shirts and hats.

There are three options for the Green Line (no four) that all go to Fenway. We chose the B train because it was closer to us. This train was jam packed with Red Sox fans. I was just about in tears over the excitement of the moment. The atmosphere was electric.

We arrived at the Kenmore station, where we disembarked and walked out onto the sidewalk. Right after we moved through the turnstiles, we saw this. I had to stop and take a picture of the sign.

The closer we got to the park, the more people there were. It was incredible. Finally, as we turned the corner, we got our first glimpse of Fenway Park!

We crossed the bridge on Brookline, and crossed Landsdowne, then turned onto Yawkey Way. I've really never experienced anything like this. I've been to dozens of Rangers games and never seen atmosphere like this. I stopped and got a sausage sandwich on the street (someone told me I HAD to do that), and we went through the bag check station and the ticket line (they actually scan the tickets on the street at the Yawkey Way entrances).

We went into the stadium and walked around the concourse until we found our entrance to right field box 86. We were on row C, which was three rows from the field. These seats were ground level. This was our view from our seats. And here is a view of the famous Green Monster from our seats. Last picture, of the Press Box over home plate.

Obviously, I took a lot more pictures, but those are all I'll link today. I'll post more on flickr, and you can see them if you like. I took pictures of most of the players and other things.

It was a great game Sunday afternoon. The Rangers won that one, 2-1, but that in no way dampened my experience. I had made it to Fenway and nothing could take that joy away from me.

And, of course, we got to sing Sweet Caroline with everyone in the 8th inning. That was one of the things I had been waiting for. And it was worth the wait.

We went back Monday night and sat in the bleachers which was a totally different experience. The Sox won that game. I'll post pictures of that one later.

It was infinitely above and beyond everything I expected. I am content for life. Everything else that we do this week is just icing on the cake.

And what a great piece of cake it was!!!

TTFN, y'all!

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