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The Nightmare Before October (September 15, 2007 - 7:56 am)

Last night was a nightmare of epic proportions.

The Red Sox and Yankees are playing their final series of the year at Fenway Park. The game was on ESPN, so I was able to watch it in HD on our relatively new HDTV. It's actually a little better than being there.

Anyway, things were looking good. Sox were up 7-2. Then the 8th inning happened.

One thing for sure that I have learned. You don't ever, EVER count out the Yankees. They are notorious for exploding during the middle to late innings of the game. And that's exactly what happened last night. They scored 6 runs in the top of the 8th last night. Final score Yankees 8, Red Sox 7.

And the rally was sparked by the one, singular mlb player that I hate with a passion. I can't even bring myself to type his name, but both of names start with the same sound as JUICE, which is what he takes and really should be called out on it. But since he plays for the Yankees, the so-called commissioner of baseball isn't going to do anything about it.

Just for the record, baseball hasn't had a real commissioner since Bud Selig took over the office.

Do I sound like a sore loser? Probably so. "Juice" didn't single-handedly beat the Sox. They made mistakes that beat themselves along the way. Plus this guy only hit one home run. Cano hit one immediately following. A-Roid actually struck out twice. I just hate it when players who are so obviously juicing up aren't disciplined. Barry Bonds shouldn't still be playing baseball. He has made a sham of the game and his record should forever be tainted by his abuse of steroids.

Ah, well. The sun came up this morning (I think...I haven't been outside yet), and as of this morning, the Red Sox are still the best team in baseball. They have been for an amazing 124 days this season. And for 7 innings last night, they played like it.

Today's game features the only two 18 game winners in baseball going head to head. Josh Beckett and this Wang guy for the Yankees. I'm looking for an exciting pitcher's duel.

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