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Somewhere, A Village is Missing Its Idiot (November 03, 2007 - 8:32 a.m.)

Barry Bonds is an idiot.

A blithering idiot, who doesn't know when to shut up.

The latest news is that he has declared that if the baseball that he hit to break the homerun record is enshrined in the Hall of Fame with an asterisk on it, HE WON'T BE IN THE HALL OF FAME!!

Can I get a "Hallelujah!!!" *angels singing*

Does Barry Bonds not realize that a majority of fans that truly love baseball don't WANT him in the Hall of Fame?? We didn't even want him to break the record. Those words are exactly what we want to hear out of his mouth!

In the meantime, a huge number of players have filed for free agency this year. Including several Curt Schilling, Doug Mirabelli, Matt Clement, and Eric Gagne of the Red Sox. Thankfully, Mike Lowell has yet to file. The Sox really need to sign him for another contract.

The Rangers have lost third base couch Don Wakamatsu (I'm really going to miss saying his name), and are currently looking for a replacement. According to their GM, the "boy wonder," they are concentrating on...




This is exactly why the Texas Rangers will never win another pennant, as long as the current ownership/management is in place.

The Rangers don't NEED a centerfielder. They have Marlon Byrd.

What they NEED is a first baseman. They still don't have a first baseman, since they dealt their gold-glove winning player to the Atlanta Braves a full year and a half before he would have been eligible for free agency. They need a good catcher, too. The longest name in baseball that they got for Teixeira is really no good at either position. He can't hit, either. They are going to need a DH, too, because Sosa has filed for free agency. Kind of dumb of him, because I don't think anyone really wants him anymore. always...they need starting pitchers. They just don't realize this.

Every year's management decisions drives me closer and closer to totally ditching the Rangers and cheering solely for the Red Sox. I cheer for the Rangers because they are our home team.

I would move to Boston in a heartbeat.

TTFN, y'all!

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