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Sweeney Todd, Part Deux (December 24, 2007 - 10:08 a.m.)

I'll embellish a little on my previous comments on Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

I was so overwhelmed last night, that those two words were all I could type.

This newest collaboration between director Tim Burton and Johnny Depp may well be the best movie I have ever seen. Yes, ever. It is definitely the best I have seen this year.

I'm fully aware that many of my friends won't like this movie. Some of you who read my diary definitely would not, and might not understand why I like it so much. That's ok.

I am a big fan of the "horror movie" genre and have been for many years. This is sometimes contradictory to my faith in Christ and is just something I have to deal with. I also realize that I probably shouldn't see some of the movies I see.

That being said, back to Sweeney Todd. I've never seen the stage version of this Stephen Sondheim musical, and wasn't sure quite what to expect from the movie.

I must admit that, at the outset, I wasn't sure I was going to like it. It is, from what I understand, basically a movie version of the musical. With Tim Burton's unique "spin" on it.

In my somewhat ignorant opinion, it is just nearly perfect. Depp is, as always, brilliant as the title character. His acting is pretty much flawless. One person I know was afraid that it was just another Jack Sparrow character. Far from it. There is nothing of Sparrow's drunken goofiness in this character. Todd is a sullen, maniacal personality, set on one thing, and one thing only: revenge!

And that revenge is directed toward the judge, played exquisitely by Alan Rickman, another favorite of mine. He even sings a bit.

The people behind me at the theater were not fond of Helena Bonham Carter's portrayal of Mrs. Lovett, the meat pie baker, but I thought she did just fine. I love her look, and thought she was perfect for the part. Never mind that she probably only got the job because she is Burton's "domestic partner." She did well.

It is bloody. It is very, very bloody. Hence the "R" rating. There were only two or three mild instances of profanity, none of which were enough for "R," and absolutely no sex whatsoever. Plenty of cleavage, but, hey, it's what, 19th or earlier century London, right? Everyone showed cleavage then.

It is a tragedy. Basically, a full-blown, Shakespearean tragedy. I won't give away the ending (which if you've seen the Sondheim musical, you already know), but it is a bit surprising. Suprising, yet not unexpected all at the same time.

I'm almost positive that I saw Anthony Stewart Head (aka Giles in Buffy) for about 5 seconds at one point. He even had a line...but he isn't listed in any credits, not even as "uncredited" in IMDB.

Anyway. If you like Depp, you should like Sweeney Todd. The guy behind me was a Sondheim fan and loved it, as well.

I'll say it again.

It may well have been the the best movie I have ever seen. I will be seeing it again. For sure.

TTFN, y'all!

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