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WE DO LOVE OUR WARCRAFT, DON'T WE?? (January 11, 2008 - 12:17 a.m.)

My Dad has sent me a funny list. Well, it's not really funny, is it? But I find it amusing. It's a list of the top selling software programs for 2007. Here they are from number 10, counting up.

10. PC-Cillin Antivirus 2007
9. World of Warcraft
8. MS Office 2007
7. MS Office 2003
6. PC-Cillin Antivirus v 11.0
5. Norton Antivirus
4. Norton Internet Security
3. World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade
2. Spy Sweeper
1. Turbo Tax


This list says a lot. Five of the ten programs are for computer security. It's kind of sad that it has to be that way. That there are so many mean people in this world that half of the top selling software has to be to protect ourselves from malicious, invasive software developed by people who simply don't have anything better to do. (Granted...some of them want to steal my identity. If they knew me, they would move on to someone else's.)
Two of the top ten are for productivity. Word processor/spreadsheet, etc. And it's really only one program, just two different versions.
Number one is so we can pay the piper. I use it. Turbo Tax is awesome. Unless, like my father, you have to include oil and gas royalties. They have little pieces of 18 different companies. When they try to put royalties in, Turbo Tax thinks they are writing books or something. Heh.
Now...let's talk about the other two. Can you believe it?? The only entertainment software programs in the top ten list for 2007 are BOTH World of Warcraft!! Hah.
And it stands to reason that both titles are in there, because you have to have number nine to play number 3. I just think it's funny.
I'm a WoW addict, myself, so I can understand why it's up there like that. Even Curt Schilling, famous for so many years for playing Everquest, has switched to WoW. It's just tons of fun, even for an old guy like me.

Now. About yesterday's entry. Christi (my wife) found some information on the interet about constipation. Some quite frightening information, in fact. Now granted, some of it was written almost 100 years ago, but our bodies really haven't changed much (at all?) in that length of time, and I can't say that medical "science" has learned all that much about our bodies in 100 years, either. I mean, after all, we are still treating infections with remedies that were developed in, oh, say, the 1950s!

Oh. Sorry...wrong soapbox.

Anyway, if you can stomach this, this is, in my opinion, some very valuable information about our guts. Click here to read this article. I read the whole thing, and some of it surprising. Heck, some of it is quite shocking. For example, learning that Elvis Presley had 60 POUNDS of feces in his intestines when he died. 60 POUNDS!! Ew.

I'm going to work on changing my eating habits, folks. We are, in fact, killing ourselves. Of course, we are going to die, anyway, unless Jesus comes back first. But I'm not counting on that. Hoping for it, but not holding my breath.

All you pray-ers out there, pray for Rachel today. She's getting her wisdom teeth cut out at 2 this afternoon. Pain, pain, pain...

Then I'm getting two permanent crowns put in Monday morning and a bridge started. Fun times. temp crown came off yesterday, so I had to run to CVS to get some dental cement. Pft.

I can't think of anything else right now, so...

TTFN, y'all!

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