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Belated Valentine's Greeting! (February 15, 2008 - 5:35 p.m.)

A belated Happy Valentine's Day to all. Hope it was fun.

My sweetie and I are going on our Valentine's Day date tonight (Friday), instead of last night, for two reasons.

1. We basically don't go out on weeknights, since I work nights and she gets up really early for her work day.

2. Do you KNOW how many people go out to restaurants on Valentine's Day??? C'mon! We're too old for that stuff. Hahaha...and it's not like we need to impress each other with fancy stuff any more.

Not that we take each other for granted, although, there probably is a little of that. It's just that we are so comfortable in our love for each other that we aren't caught up in the traditional stuff like flowers on Valentine's Day, etc. In fact, we have a standing rule. We DON'T send flowers on Valentine's Day. I did, however, send a Vermont Teddy Bear last year. Heh. Adorable!

Anyway, we are about to head out to the Grapevine Mills Mall to a restaurant called Saltwater Willy's. Good seafood, outstanding Key Lime Pie. Yum! And a couple hours alone with my sweetie!! Huzzah!!

TTFN, y'all!!

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