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American Karaoke Idol (February 28, 2008 - 3:43 a.m.)

I wanted to get in a quick entry about the last two nights of American Idol (which I am tempted to start calling American Karaoke), before the results show tonight.

The guys won this round, by a long shot, even though there were only three or four of them that did any good.

I agree with Simon & Co., in that David Archuleta is waaaay ahead of all the guys. He's got a great voice, and he is absolutely adorable. He flat out owned "Imagine" Tuesday night, and I don't even like that song.

Jason from Rockwall did a pretty good job on his song, as did David Hernandez on "Papa Was A Rolling Stone."

Chikezie improved drastically, as well, over last week. I didn't know the song that he did, but he did it really well.

Now, the girls. Ugh. I don't know what happened, but they were largely boring. The only one who really did well was Brooke White (which I was glad to see because I like her).

Amanda Overmyer was downright HORRIBLE. If she doesn't wind up going home tonight, it will be a miracle. She murdered "Carry On Wayward Son." It was out of tune most of the way through, and, frankly, just sucked. (Sorry if that offends.)

S-yes-ha kind of messed up by trying to make "Me and Mrs. Jones" a girl's song. I agreed with Simon, it was silly. The song just doesn't work for a girl. She sang it ok, though.

Carly did ok on her song. She took on Heart with "Crazy On You," and did pretty good, but it was, once again, very Karaoke-ish.

A lot of the girls tried songs that wound up being too low for them. And I don't get that. Could they NOT tell that during rehearsals?? I mean, c'mon! If I'm practicing a song, and it's too low for me, I know it, and know to either raise the key or try a freakin' different song! Egad!

It will be interesting to see who America sends home tonight. For the guys, I'm seriously hoping it's Danny Noriega. Can't stand him. Jason Yeager would be my other choice to go, tonight. I wanted to like him because he's from Grand Prairie, within spitting distance of where we live, but he just isn't good enough. We have the other Jason, though, from just the other side of Dallas.

For the girls, Amanda needs to go tonight. It's kind of a toss-up for the second one...probably one of the blonde Carrie Underwood clones. Probably Alaina or Kady. Kristy Lee Cook will probably be safe for a while. Oh, yeah...that's right; she did well on Linda Ronstadt's "You're No Good." Kind of gave it a country flair. And with a name like that, she will be a pretty good country singer.

Now for some baseball talk.

The Rangers won their first Spring game against the Royals, 6-1. New center fielder Josh Hamilton knocked in two runs, and Taylor Teagarden (can you believe that name??) hit a home run against ex-Ranger Ron Mahay.

And I don't know about you, but I'm really glad that Congress has all the ills of America so fixed that they feel like they can devote so much time to putting away dangerous criminals like Roger Clemens!

I feel safe. Don't you?

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