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Pilferage By UPS!! (March 11, 2008 - 2:47 a.m.)

There are almost 100 entries of "Rock Band" drum pad sets for sale on eBay. I wonder how many of those have been stolen by UPS employees?

Here's the reason I'm making that accusation.

We received a package from UPS last night. And, as usual, the driver plays "ding-dong-ditch," running up, dropping the box, ringing the doorbell, and running away to be long gone before you have a chance to get up off the couch and get to the front door.

A couple weeks ago, Rachel and Justin sent back a set of broken drum pads to the "Rock Band" people, to get them replaced. They used our address, so the initial empty box was sent to us, then they put the drum pads in it and took it to one of those shopping-center-mailing places.

Well, we got the replacement set last night. Or at least we were supposed to. Only the box was empty. According to the packing list, it once weighed 12 pounds. And contained a set of drum pads. Not when it landed on our front porch. And the box had clearly been tampered with.

It is my belief that the only people who would have had access to that box were UPS employees. Or, possibly airport employees, because it was allegedly sent second-day air. But...doesn't UPS have its own planes??

So, my friends, we have pilferage on the part of UPS. They better figure out who is doing this and get rid of them.

As for me, I'm thinking of forwarding this information to the attorney general of Texas. For one thing, UPS needs to abandon their "ding-dong-ditch" policy. I know they aren't the only ones who just leave packages on your doorstep, and it's a bad idea. Anyone could (and has) come up and swipe your package. Then it's just your word against theirs as to whether you got the package or not.

But in this case, the driver is long gone before we realize that there is a problem with the package. And somewhere, some UPS employee is selling Rock Band drum pads on eBay.

TTFN, y'all!

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