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Another Night (April 27, 2008 - 8:12 a.m.)

I'm not sure when this stuff with Stephanie will end.

We made two days of school last week again. The pain had moved into her upper legs, around her hip joints. But her wrists were better. Now she was having trouble walking.

But she felt better Friday night, so we went ahead and went to the Rangers game at the ballpark. I didn't want to deny her that one small pleasure. She seemed like she was feeling better, but was tired by the 5th inning, so we we went on home and watched the rest of the game on tv. Just as well...they went into extra innings on that game and wound up winning in the 10th.

We went to bed around midnight Friday night, because Rachel and Justin went to Blockbuster and got "Death At A Funeral" to watch. It was fantastic. Loved it.

Then hell started again. At some point in the night, Stephanie came in our room to tell us that she had thrown up twice. But she had made it to the bathroom, she said.

Then around 7:30, Rachel came in and said that there was diarrhea all over the bathroom. Apparently, Steph had gone in there, sat down, then had to get up to throw can imagine the rest...or maybe you don't want to. Sorry for the graphic details. My poor wife wound up having to clean it all up, see, I simply cannot handle stuff like that. If I even hear someone throwing up, I will join right in. I know, it's pathetic, but I can't help it. we're wondering, what the heck is going on NOW??

Christi did some more online searching. We are almost 100% convinced that Stephanie has had rheumatic fever. There was another trip to the ER on this past Thursday, and it was confirmed that she had recently had a strep infection. Rheumatic fever sometimes come on the heels of strep. And since we never new she had a strep infection, it went untreated.

So they went back to the doctor again yesterday morning (4th trip in 4 weeks!), and he agreed that it was probably related to the strep infection and prescribed yet another round of antibiotics. Which she has yet to take any of, because she couldn't keep anything down all day yesterday. Oh, and her fever was up to almost 104. Forgot about that part.

The good news is, she slept all night, no vomiting, and this morning, her temp was 98.7. She also says her joints don't hurt.

Could this possibly be over?


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