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A New Computer! (June 13, 2008 - 12:37 a.m.)

Well, I got a new computer for Father's Day! Woot!!! And it's a monster! At least compared to anything I've ever had before.

I wanted a new desktop pc, because the one I've been using is probably on it's last, um, bit? Doesn't really have "legs," does it? Anyway, the graphic driver has frozen up on me twice in the last month, the last time right in the middle of a Wingrider flight between Stormwind City and the Wetlands. Grr...

Plus, I've been wanting to give Age of Conan a try. And my old pc doesn't meet even the minimum requirements for that game. So my wife graciously agreed to shop for a new one.

We went to Best Buy last night and wound up buying a new Gateway pc. One of the FX models. I don't know the exact number, but the specs run something like this: Quad-core processor, running something like 2.5g, at least 3m of RAM, 640g hard drive, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 video card. Plus, we upgraded the package to a 22 inch monitor. I'm pretty pumped. We'll pick up the 'puter tomorrow, giving the Geek Squad time to configure it all up and install the MS Office package that we purchased along with it. It also came with a Canon "all-in-one" printer/copier.

To make it even better, I'm on vacation next week, so after helping out with VBS in the mornings, I'll have all afternoon each day to play with it. Huzzah!!

Did Juan McCain really say he was going to veto "beer??" Heheheh....just lost most of the state of Texas with that blunder.

TTFN, y'all!

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