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A Blessed Event! (August 12, 2008 - 9:34 a.m.)

I'm putting off my thoughts about The Dark Knight for another day to tell you about something quite remarkable that happened Sunday afternoon.

After church we all went out for lunch at a barbecue place, Christi, Steph, Rachel, Justin, and me.

Afterwords, we were at home, played a few rounds of Taboo, and were just kind of hanging out. I was about to go lay down for a nap, and Christi was outside doing something to the pool to try to make it not green. Yuck!

Justin was outside with Christi. They came back in and Christi said, "He has something to ask you!"

"Ok," I said. And waited...

He just kind of blurted out..."Can I marry her?"


(I assumed, of course that he meant Rachel...)


It was adorable.

Of course, I said yes. With tears in my eyes.

Who does that anymore?? It was so unexpected, it just totally took me off guard.

Not they were planning to get married. That part didn't surprise me at all. It has been evident right from the start that their relationship was special.

What took me off guard was that HE ASKED MY PERMISSION!!


Getting all teary-eyed just typing this here.

Anyway...we briefly discussed the topic for a little while (after Rachel showed back up in the room). They have no date set, of course, and hardly any details...we just talked about it a little. Not even sure where it will happen or who will perform the ceremony (we are seriously considering our youth minister, if he is licensed to do these things).

But it is official. My oldest daughter is *sniff* engaged!!

TTFN, y'all!

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