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Richland Rebels 35; Central Chargers 7 (September 20, 2008 - 7:09 a.m.)

We went to the Central High School football game last night. They played Richland High School. It was Richland's Homecoming.

Unfortunately, Richland won the game quite handily. The final score was 35-7. Richland simply executed plays better. That's pretty much the long and short of it. After the Rebels scored three unanswered touchdowns, though, the Central defense finally seemed to get on track and did a better job of holding them. In fact, the Rebels would score only one more touchdown in the first half, with the half ending 28-0.

Central came back and kicked an onside kick in the second half. It was successful, they recovered, and scored their only touchdown soon afterward. We thought things were looking up, but then one of the Rebel runningbacks broke open a long run which set up another touchdown. That was all the scoring for the game.

Had we only played the second half, the game would have been tied 7-7.

Central made some execution mistakes early on which, unfortunately, set the pace for the game. One major one was a the kickoff after the first Rebel touchdown. It wasn't an onside kick, but it was rather short (all of the Rebel kickoffs were short and fell in almost exactly the same spot). There was no central player there to catch it, and they all let it bounce around as though it were a punt. Richland pounced on the ball, making it their ball and quickly scored again.

There were quite a few missed interception opportunities for our Chargers. It just looked like they weren't exactly awake for this game. There were several very bad officiating calls (but they worked in favor of both sides, so that could not be said to have been a factor in the outcome), but, hey. I guess these referees are amateurs, too, aren't they?

We had a good time, anyway. It was fun watching the band. Christi thought they were rather crazy, and, well, yes, they were. But I was in the band in high school. What happens is, the band has a blast at the game, no matter who wins. They just play their songs, dance their dances to the drum line, make up their own cheers (I noted with great pride, the last time I attended a Mineral Wells HS football game, that the band was STILL using cheers that our trombone section invented when I was there!), and occasionally notice what the score is. Heh.

Central also has this really cool group of kids (I noticed Richland had them, too, so it must be a recent trend) that someone said was called the "Spirit Squad." This was a bunch of, well, misfits, basically. Kids that would not normally be considered "cool," dressed in overalls and Charger teeshirts. The overalls were all painted up with various words and phrases. One girl wore a team-colored short dress. The carried the team flags up and down the field (they got to run down the middle of the field once, on the lone touchdown), and just basically fostered team spirit. I love this group of kids. In my opinion, they are way cooler than the cheerleaders.

But what do I know? I was a band geek.

Still am.

Long live the geeks!

TTFN, y'all!

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