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A Great Day For Stephanie (April 15, 2009 - 6:15 p.m.)

Stephanie had a wonderful day today!

Christi went to work late today so we could both take Stephanie to school for her first day at Keller HS. Mr. Reynolds met us at the door at around 8:00am. He took us around to where the Stars room is, a small office that has been converted into a "safe place" for the students. There were a couple of students already in there, one of which Stephanie remembered from her Intermediate School.

Mr. Reynolds then showed us another room that had a handful of teachers in it, and said that this was a "Life Skills" class. All of those teachers were very friendly, supportive, and encouraging, and said that Stephanie could come to that class any time she needed help.

He showed us a place in the back where we could drop off and pick up Stephanie, that would be closer to the room, and less frantic than the front door drop off area.

Stephanie was very excited, gave us two thumbs up, smiling as we left her there. We felt very, very good about the atmosphere.

When I picked her up, she was still looking and feeling very good. She said she had a great day!

She basically spent most of the day in the Stars room, occasionally going out to be introduced to other teachers. She doesn't have her schedule yet, but as soon as she does, she will begin to be integrated into her classes. They aren't going to be pushy about this at all. I think this is going to be very successful.

We are so thankful that this has worked out this way. She is already saying she can't wait until tomorrow.

Thanks again for all the thoughts and prayers that have been sent our way.

TTFN, y'all!

PS I apologize for any information that is redundant, for those who already read my Facebook note.

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