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Magic Time Machine (August 22, 2009 - 8:08 p.m.)

We had a really fabulous time at the Magic Time Machine tonight. We arrived around 5pm, and had a short wait for our table. We were served by "Sinbad the Sailor" tonight, and he did a pretty good job.

We decided even before we went tonight that we would order the "Roman Orgy." What a great deal! For $17.99 a person, we had more food than the four of us could consume (Stephanie opted to stay at home). There were beef ribs (one for each), a pile of brisket (one HUGE piece for each), corn on the cob (except it comes on golf tees, what an original idea!), new potatoes, a large pile of fruit, a whole chicken (in two halves), and a bowl full of vegetables that no one touched. Oh, yeah...and some bread.

We ate and ate and ate. Then we brought home all of the chicken (never even touched it), most of the fruit, a small amount of brisket that a couple of us didn't finish, some of the bread, and the rib bones for the dogs.

We have enough food to have lunch tomorrow. A great time was had by all. Oh. I forgot about the grapes. There were grapes, too, and at the beginning of the "feast," Sinbad held a bunch of grapes over each of us so that we could bite one off.

On another subject, Jerry Jones is an idiot. Apparently, his engineers messed up and put the video screen in the glorious new Cowboys stadium low enough that punters can hit it.

Is he mad at his engineers??

No. He's mad at the punter, of course. Because, obviously, the punter was TRYING to hit the screen.

Wake up, Jerry!! It really doesn't matter if the guy was trying to hit it or not. The fact is, HE COULD!! If the punter can hit the screen, it is too low!!

He's not going to have it raised, of course.

Good ol' Jerry.

If anybody wonders why I don't root for the Cowboys, just re-read the last half of this entry over and over until you get it...

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