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Two Days of School (August 25, 2009 - 4:35 p.m.)

We've now been through the first two days of school. And I must say, it certainly could have been worse!

Yesterday, Stephie came to the car, looking quite anxious, with some tears in her eyes. She said she cried in all of her classes. But the good thing is she went to all of her classes! On the first day of a new school year, with new everything, that is HUGE! She got really nervous in all of them, but that's ok, and I'm trying to emphasize that to her, constantly. We understand that she's going to be nervous for a while...that's ok. Nobody is going to get upset about that.

Today, she also went to all of her classes (so she has now been to all of them once). She said she had a little crying spell in math, but "got the hang of it." Then, apparently, there weren't enough chairs in the world history class (I sure hope they fix that, like, tomorrow!), so she only stayed in there for a short time.

But she has at least made an appearance at every class, and I am very, very proud of her for that!

Hear that, Stephie!! PROUD!

Rangers play the Evil Empire for the next three nights. GO RANGERS!!

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