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Hello, Old Friend (September 12, 2009 - 8:27 a.m.)

As some already know, it's been a mixed bag of emotions and behavior since school started.

We had a couple of really good weeks in there, right after we tapered off the Abilify with Stephanie.

Then, it seems, all hell broke loose. The first week of school was pretty good, although at the end, she came home saying, "I hate 'B' days."

The next Monday, she refused to go to 1st period, which is applied math. She recovered, though, and the rest of the day was ok. She lost an hour of computer time that night.

Tuesday was fine (an "A" day). Wednesday, she went up to applied math, asked the teacher if she could use the computer, and, when told "No," sat down and started anyway. When the teacher moved to take the keyboard away from her, she slapped at her hand. She also allegedly hit the wall outside a couple of times. She lost all of her computer time that night.

Thursday was fine (an "A" day). Friday, she went to applied math, spent 45 minutes there, and then angrily stomped out of class when the teach would not allow her to go back to the Stars class (I'm blaming the teacher, in part, for this one). I felt that it was a good thing that she stayed in there for 45 minutes, so we didn't reduce computer time that night.

On Labor Day, the fights at home started. And carried on for most of this last week. Everything that came up turned into a fight.

Finally, on Thursday, Christi called the psychiatrist back. The conclusion that we arrived at was this: Looks like we do need some Abilify in the mix, but, based on the fact that there were a couple of really good weeks right at the end of the tapering off, we are using a very small dosage. Plus, she said to give Steph Xanax twice a day until the Abilify really gets into her system.

We got some 5mg samples of Abilify from the doctor (already had the Xanax), and started immediately as soon as Christi got home from work.

Friday was pretty good. Another "B" day (since Monday was a holiday), and she went to all classes. The Stars teacher sent an email saying she "struggled" some (but didn't give any details). Steph said she went to all the classes and only got a little nervous.

We had a small argument about something Friday night, but after a few minutes, she accepted our "No" and went back to her room. End of situation.

Things are looking up. I don't really like that we had to go back to Abilify, but obviously, that experiment failed, and, as they say, "It is what it is."

I've updated my book list for 2009 to include the last two books I finished.

Link is on the right side. Someday, I'll get all those other years filled in.

TTFN y'all!

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