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Stephanie Stayed In A Class! (September 26, 2009 - 9:41 a.m.)

I've updated my book list for the year again. The last two books I've finished were A Dirty Job, by Christopher Moore and Just After Sunset, short stories by Stephen King. Both books were quite good. I'm currently reading another Christopher Moore book, called Fool.

We've had a pretty good week this week. In fact, it hasn't been terribly bad since the last huge blowup, with the exception of one small outburst in English class, which was, I think, Thursday a week ago.

We have only given Stephanie the Ativan once since we got them. Plus, the Mobic that the rheumatologist put her on seems to be working wonders. She has not complained about ankles or wrists hurting in many days, and, last night, as we left the football game between Trinity and Keller, she walked with us all the way to where the car had been parked, and never complained once! That, my friends, was a miracle!

They have backed off of the pressure to stay in class so much, and I think that is having huge success. In fact, she stayed in history class the whole hour yesterday (they had abbreviated schedule because of a pep rally)! So, maybe they are finding that, if they allow Steph to progress at her own pace, they will have better results than if they try to force their idea of how fast she should be progressing on her. I'm sure that last sentence was a grammatical nightmare, but, oh well...

Keller lost the football game 28-14. We left at half-time after the band performances, and it was 7-7. Not a bad result, when you consider Trinity's been a big powerhouse in Texas football for years. They seem to be struggling this year, though.

Well, I guess that's it for this update.

TTFN, y'all!

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