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Tigger's Excellent Adventure (March 20, 2010 - 8:31 p.m.)

My first entry in 42 days will be to relate today's interesting adventure. Well, it was interesting to us, so I'm sharing it here.

The day started with Christi going to Lewisville to help Rachel and Justin with their moving adventure. She picked up a small truck at the Budget rental place, because they had some furniture that they wouldn't have room for in the new place. We plan to give the couch to our church to put in the youth room. The small dining table they had will go back in our breakfast nook where it started 10 years ago (this table was given to us by Christi's father about 15 years ago, give or take). The table and chairs that were there are also going to the church. There was other stuff, also. A washer and dryer that they don't need any more, going to our pastor.

But that's not the interesting part.

Christi got home with the truck and the stuff around 2 this afternoon. We had to move our table and chairs out to the truck and bring the table from the truck to the house.

Today being the first day of spring, it decided to be winter in Fort Worth, Texas. The wind was blowing very hard, right toward the front door. One of us went out the door to the truck, and didn't close the door all the way. On a normal day in Fort Worth, it would have stayed closed.

Today, the wind blew it open.

We have this little Scottish Terrier named Tigger. He's just under 2 years old. He's named Tigger (yes, know that is Winnie the Pooh's Tiger) because the first time we met him, he was "bouncy flouncy trouncy pouncy funfunfunfunFUN!" He literally jumped for joy, all four feet off the ground, straight up. We fell in love with him instantly.

Tigger ran out the front door.

And down the street.

Christi chased him down to the corner. I got down there to help. We almost had him at one point, but he shot between us and down the street 90 to nothing. There was no way we were going to catch him. We went and got the car and drove in the direction that he ran. He was nowhere in sight. At this point there was nothing much else we could do. We got the truck loaded up and before we headed up to the church, we drove around one more time to see if we could find him.


Christi drove the truck to the church, and Stephanie and I followed in the car. We backed the truck up in back of the church (it's in a strip mall), locked it up and left it there.

We went to eat at a Mexican restaurant that we hadn't been to in a long time.

When we got home, there was a message on our phone. It was from the animal hospital at Petsmart, about five miles from our house. It seems that someone had found a small black Scottish Terrier and brought it to them. They scanned the microchip in him (we had completely forgotten about that!) and got our phone number.

So we drove up to the Petsmart, and sure enough, they had Tigger! He had been found about, oh, I'd say 3/4 of a mile from our house, down on the main street outside our neighborhood. The lady at Petsmart (who happens to be a groomer...we got her card) said it took about 15 peole to get him cornered. Probably an exaggeration, but I believe it!

All is well and Tigger is home. Duke, the older, larger Scottish Terrier, is very happy to have his little buddy back. Tigger appears to be very, very tired. And, perhaps, just a little frightened...and well, he should be.

In the words of the Disney Tigger...

TaTa for Now!

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