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The Interview (June 28, 2010 - 3:12 p.m.)

I had a job interview today at Ryder. The prospective job is at their Transportation Management Center, not too far from my home. If chosen, I would be pretty much in charge of the logistical arrangements of one customer. Sounds like a good job to me. It's an office job, no warehouse or dock or anything. Sounds like it has potential to be a challenge, too, keeping up with all the shipments of the customer, etc.

I like the way the job sounds, and I liked the people that interviewed me. I just hope they liked me. I tried to let them know that I was very "customer-centered," and that I still subscribe to the old philosophy that the customer is always right, and whatever the customer wants, if it's at all possible, the customer gets it. I believe strongly in customer service. It's one reason I get so upset at places like Best Buy, because their customer service (pardon me saying this...) SUCKS!

So, anyway, hopefully that impressed them enough to consider hiring me.

I am extremely grateful for everyone who has prayed and sent positive thoughts my way. Don't stop yet, ok?

I'll keep everyone posted.

Stephanie is still doing really great. She's had ice cream every Sunday, now, for three weeks in a row, and we've had not one single melt-down, not even a threat of one! This tells me that those enzymes are doing some good. There have been multiple times where she didn't get something she wanted or she was asked to wait for something, and she did.

I guess that's it for now.

TTFN y'all!

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