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2 Chronicles 16:9 (2005-07-25 - 9:17 a.m.)

The verse I'm referring to today comes in the middle of 2 Chronicles' account of Asa, king of Judah. He started out good, causing the whole nation to seek after God, but then failed when he depended on the king of Syria to protect him fromt he king of Israel.

2 Chronicles 16:9 says, "For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to give strong support to those whose heart is blameless toward him."

Furthermore, Asa was told, "You have done foolishly in this, for from now on you will have wars." Even at the end of his life, this tragic word is spoken: "Yet even in his disease he did not seek the LORD, but sought help from physicians."

We ought always rely on our Father first. It is not to say that physicians are bad, but if we seek out help from other men before or instead of help from God, we are cheating ourselves.

Saturday night, we went to see the Texas Rangers play the Oakland Athletics. We had great seats for little money in the right-centerfield bleachers. Of course, the Rangers lost, but the bonus was the appearance of several MLB team mascots for a "mascot party" with our own Rangers Captain.

I got a great picture of Stephie with "Wally the Green Monster" from Boston (getting to meet him made my whole summer, folks!), and then a picture of all of the mascots dancing atop the Rangers dugout.

Let's see if I can get them to work here.

From left to right we have Ace, the Toronto Bluejay, the Milwaukee Brewer mascot (can't remember his name), our Rangers Captain, the Swingin' Friar from San Diego, Wally the Green Monster from Boston (YAY!!), and Bird from Baltimore. I don't see Junction Jack from Houston up there. Maybe I cut him out of the picture. He was at the game earlier, though. Oops! I just found him! He's in front of the Brewers can see his ears and his tail if you look real closely!

We are thinking about going to see the Rangers play the Orioles on August 5th.

In the meantime, my real favorite team has managed to keep a game and a half lead over the hated Yankees. Booyah! The Sox even split a series with the current best team in baseball, the other Sox (being Chicago White Sox). I'm not sure what's wrong with them. They're playing unreal this season. Unreally?? Whatever...

TTFN, boys and girls...

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