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Disney California Adventure (2003-08-02 - 8:58 a.m.)

I have now made it up to Tuesday, July 22, on our vacation journal. Tuesday was the big exciting...Tada!!! Laundry day!! Yes! Yes, it seems that, whenever we take an extended vacation, we always have to spend the better part of one day doing the dreaded laundry. So, we got up, ate our free breakfast, and I went up to the laundry room while Christi and Stephanie rested in the room. Here's this Hawthorn Suites hotel with I-don't-know-how-many rooms, and how many washing machines do they have?? 2. TWO!!! GAH!!! And they both had clothes in them. They were both finished, but there were also clothes in both dryers. So...I figured that had better just stand there with my bags of laundry until the people showed up, so that I wouldn't lose place in line. Anyway, I finally got finished somewhere around 11am.

Now, this was the day that Stephanie probably felt here worst. Did I mention that she got sick on this vacation? Family tradition. But she wanted to try Disney California Adventure, anyway. Our experience there was much better than Disneyland. We started by visiting an animation exhibit, where an actual animator gave us a brief demonstration of how a character is created for a feature. The example was a dragon, Mu-Shu, from Mulan (which I have yet to see). We went from there to an exhibit that gave a brief personality quiz to see which Disney character we were most like. I am Flik, from Bug's Life. Stephanie is Dot, also from Bug's Life. You'll never guess who Christi is...*evil glare* WHO SAID URSULA THE SEA WITCH??? *slaps in that general direction* She is Belle, from Beauty and the Beast! Sigh...I wasn't surprised, you know. Anyway, the next stop was an exhibit in which Ursula "steals" your voice and puts it in an animation scene. I sang "Bare Necessities" for Baloo in the Jungle Book scene. Stephanie tried to sing it (not much voice), then we all sang "Heigh Ho" for the seven dwarves. Good times.

Next was a visit to Disney's Playhouse Live, where was saw live presentation of Bear in the Big Blue House. It included a story with Roly Poly Ollie, Stanley, and Winnie the Pooh! It was quite charming. I think that may have been the high point for Stephanie.

It was time to ride the rides. We started by getting a "Fast Pass" for a ride called Mullholland Madness, a Wild Mouse type coaster, then rode the Golden Zephyr which was a rocket ship swing ride, very mild. It was also very relaxing...I almost fell asleep. Then we rode the craziest ferris wheel I have ever seen! Every third car was stationary, like a normal ferris wheel gondola. But the other two in between swung on rather oval shaped tracks. It's hard to describe, but as the wheel turned, these gondolas moved around on these tracks. Hopefully, I will have a picture up soon. Then Christi and I rode a really cool coaster called California Screamin'. It had over-the-shoulder restraints (it had a small loop) with STEREO SPEAKERS in them! How cool is that?? Music while you ride! Yeah! It had a slingshot start from the ground level up the first hill. It was pretty long, too, and very smooth. Oh, yes. The loop in the middle went around the circle that made up the mouse symbol on the outside of the biggest hill. Finally, we could ride the Mulholland Madness ride, which was also fun. By this time, it was around 6pm and Steph was feeling pretty bad, so we left Disney. (Did we get $277.00 worth? I don't think so!) We found a store where we could get a thermometer and some drugs. Stephanie had 100.7 fever! We drove through Mickey D's, Krispey Kreme (again!) then back to room, sweet room for a good night's rest, hoping that Stephanie would be feeling better for the 7-8 hour L.A. tour planned for the next day.

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