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HAIL to the size of nickels!!! (2003-08-27 - 4:09 p.m.)

Hahaha....Rachel and I were driving around after I picked her up yesterday (we have about 20 minutes to kill each day before I can pick up the Little Bit) and a weather alert came on.

It turns out to have been a well-deserved weather alert, because we received a sound thrashing from the weather later yesterday afternoon. It rained a LOT in a short amount of time.

Anyway, the guy doing the weather alert thingy? He starts talking about what we could expect out of this system of know, stuff like how strong the wind is, how much lightning and stuff there would be (there was also a lot of lightning in this took Christi THREE *#@%$& HOURS to get home from work. All the traffic lights in Colleyville were blinking red; or not working at all).

Then this guy says "Hail to the size of nickels!" Now. My first question is: When did the weather people begin putting subliminal cultic worship messages in their alerts?? My second question is: Why would I want to worship the size of nickels??

I mean, I think I have one here...hold on...*digs in pocket for a minute*...lessee...dime, penny, penny, penny, penny, (My GOD I have a lot pennies!!)quarter, AHA!! Here's one. A nickel! Round, right? And about as big around as the end of my thumb.

Now, if I were going to worship the size of a coin, wouldn't I be better off worshipping, say, the size of a quarter? Better, yet, a HALF-DOLLAR!!! Or, how about one of those really old dollar coins that were roughly the size of a CD? I just think the weather people are way off base here, not to mention out of line.


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