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Cabins and Angels (2003-10-16 - 4:49 p.m.)

Ok. I have two things to accomplish today. The first is to tell you about this place we discovered last weekend. Rachel mentioned several times that we were gone on a little trip to celebrate our 18th anniversary. Well we went to a little place down in Glen Rose, TX, called the Paluxy River Bed Cabins. These people have built four adorable cabins on the Paluxy River just outside of Glen Rose. For anyone who knows the area, they are on the same road as the Dinosaur State Park.

Well, we stayed in the one called the Cedar House. It is a charming little two-story cabin with a large covered porch on one side. There is a hot tub on this covered porch, as well as two large rocking chairs and a small table between them. This time of year, the weather was perfect for sitting out on the porch and just reading or whatever.

Inside, the lower level has a small kitchen area with a small stove, a microwave, a refrigerator and a coffee maker. They even provided coffee! And not those puny little four cup packages, either.

Upstairs is the king-size bed and two doors that open up to a balcony with two more chairs and a gorgeous view! Great for watching the sunset in the evening. We took the telescope out there, too, and got absolutely glorious views of a full moon.

The hosts provided us with a bottle of wine (White Zinfandel) and four large muffins along with two bottles of orange juice for our breakfasts.

We have already booked the Spring House for our next anniversary. We may also try to go back in the spring, as well.

For anyone interested, here is the phone number for the place (oh, is strictly "adults only"--no children allowed): 1-800-235-2004.

Now, here's the second thing...

BAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!! I'm a frickin' ANGEL!!!!! Hahahahahaaaaa......

You are Form 2, Angel: The Pure.

"And The Angel rose as holy protector for
all that was created. She fought with honor
and valor to serve the good of the world. But
the coming of the mankind was her downfall; and
end to purity."

Some examples of the Angel Form are Michael
(Christian) and Hercules (Greek).

The Angel is associated with the concept of virtue,
the number 2, and the element of wind.

Her sign is the zenith sun.

As a member of Form 2, you are a person of your
word. You generally keep your promises and
give everything you do your best. Although
some people see you as overbearing sometimes,
you know that you have to stay true to yourself
and do what's right. Angels are the best
friends to have because they are brutally

Which Mythological Form Are You?
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