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Pirates of the Caribbean (2003-09-04 - 5:20 p.m.)

I finally had the pleasure of seeing Pirates of the Caribbean at the theater last Sunday night. Rachel had already seen it, but wanted to see it again, so we went together.

It was truly an awesome movie! I must say that I loved pretty much every minute of it. Johnny Depp (current political stupidities aside) captured the screen with his portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow, one time captain of the pirate ship, the Black Pearl.

There had been a mutiny, however, and he was left to die on a deserted island, and his ship was taken over by the by the evil Barbosa, played by Geoffrey Rush. Rush does a fabulous job playing this villain.

Orlando Bloom (and all the girls go..."sigh") is wonderful as Will Turner, a blacksmith's apprentice who really makes all of the great swords in the town, and also seems to have a bit of pirate's blood in him.

Finally, the surprise "nobody" in this film is Keira Knightley. I mean absolutely no offense in calling her a "nobody," for she surely is "somebody." She meets the challeng head-on of playing the part of Elizabeth Swan, the governor's daughter.

Adventures are had by all, and at times, it becomes difficult to tell who you are supposed to be cheering for. That keeps it interesting, as does the remarkable acting. Disney has a winner, here. Heheh...and Rachel wouldn't go see it for a while because it had the name "Disney" associated with it! Razzzzzberries to Rachel! Heehee...*runs away giggling*

Incidentally, I just found out that Miss Knightley will be appearing in a new movie called "King Arthur" as Lady Guinevere. Woohoo! There can NEVER be enough movies about King Arthur! Long live the King!

What I'm reading: Lost In A Good Book by Jasper Fforde (yes, I spelled that right.

What I'm listening to: Music from the Pirates of the Carribean (on the website)

Quote: "It isn't a crush. It's love. I love RJ."--Dawn in "Him" from Season 7

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