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A Real Boy (2003-11-20 - 5:49 p.m.)

Wow! Last night's "Angel" episode was pretty awesome. IMO, perhaps the best one of the season, yet. Now, let me warn you! If you are a "watcher of Angel" and have not yet seen yesterday's episode, run away as fast as possible. I mean it.





.... (waiting for everyone to stop running)


Ok. First thing. Spike gets this box in the mail (addressed to him, care of W & H, right?). BTW, what's up with Harmony? She looked bloody awful last night! Anyway, Spike can't open packages, yet, so he has Harmony open it for him. She opens the box.....*poof! flash!!* That's it. Nothing in there. Spike mutters something and walks off, intending to walk through Angel's office door. *SPLAT!!!* No walkee throughee!! AAAAAUUUUGGGGHHHH!!! SPIKE'S "CORPOREAL!" OMG!!! That's it. Joss is so funny. After all of Fred's research and trying, Spike gets a magic box in the mail, and *poof* he's a real boy again. (There was much celebrating in the bickleyhouse!)

The other big thing was the ending. Now, Eve talks way, way, way, way, way (you get the message??) too much in this epi. But at the end, she walks into this bedroom, talking to someone off-screen, who conveniently doesn't answer. She undresses, and walks over to a bed and climbs in (of course all we see are feet and knees...kind of bony, at that) next to *drum roll, please...* (heehee....all the while, Rachel was saying "It's not Wesley, It's not Wesley...") *more drum roll*

LINDSEY!!! WOOHOO!!! He's back! and more evil than ever with all of these wicked symbols tattooed on his chest (same symbols were painted on the inside of the door, too).

There is plenty of other wackiness, but I don't have time to get into it. Plenty of *s**e**x* in this one too. Joss pusheth the might envelope, methinks.

Bye, now.

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