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Job applications and They (2003-07-07 - 3:49 p.m.)

I just applied for a new job! Eeeek. There is a job opening at the Fort Worth Library for a Multi-Media Librarian. The education/experience requirements just might fit me. Of course, I have no library experience except for a brief stint in a student work program way, waaaay, waaaaaaaaaay back (get the idea?) in college. However, the ad said that they would consider someone with a Master's degree in a "JOB RELATED FIELD" with NO experience, providing the person in question would contract to have an MLS degree within three years. (That's Master of Library Science to the outsider.) Now the only question is if the city will consider a Master's degree in Music from a Seminary to fit their requirements. Hey. I have a job, so the worst that can happen is that they can go, "Hahahahaha...hohohoho...heeheehee...." and just throw it out. Actually, I guess worse things could happen. I guess my current employer could find out that I applied for another job and *fire* me. But it's not like I'm totally dissatisfied and beating the streets looking for another job. I just ran across this on the Library's web site, and I so want to be a librarian, because I SO love books! This is made possibly more complicated because I think my boss has been reading my diaries. *waves at boss* Another bad thing that could happen is that I could walk into the next room and find NOSTALGIA all over the walls! *waves at ghosti* Ew.

I, too was there when above mentioned ghosti watched "They." It was slightly disappointing. No. It was MAJORLY disappointing. It had a scary moment or two, and the ending scene was actually kind of cool. But not that great. And Rachel was right. It was like Darkness Falls with Riley instead of Anya. And it was also a bit like The Ring. Incidently, IMHO, the best of those movies is by far The Ring. I loved that one. Movies I want to see very soon...T3, 28 Days Later (totally unrelated to "28 Days" with Sandra Bullock), The Pirates of the Carribean, League of Extraordiary Gentlemen. There's more, I'm sure, but I can't remember them now. Someday, I ought to let Ghosti see "Animal House." Heehee...

That's all for this entry. Probably be one of those "spiritual" entries next.

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