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The Recruit and a new camera (2003-08-17 - 8:13 a.m.)

First thing: We watched "The Recruit" last night. Starring Al Pacino, the ubiquitous Colin Farrell (sp?), and Bridgett Moynahan (also in "Sum of All Fears"). I love Al Pacino! He is such a great actor. But has anyone else many movies has he made, now, where he gets to make this big speech at the end?? Lessee...Dog Day Afternoon (remember "Attica! Attica! Attica!?"), And Justice For All (I won't repeat what he said in that speech...lot's of "f's"), The Devil's Advocate (that was a GREAT speech...just what I would expect Satan to say about God), and The Recruit. There are probably more that I haven't even seen.

Anyway, The Recruit is a great movie. It's PG-13, so the language is minimal (I remember one "f"), the sex is minimal (no significant nudity) and the plot is great. Just exactly who are the bad guys and who is telling the truth?? You will be guessing right up to the end. Rent it. Watch it.

Second: We got a new camera yesterday. It turns out that the reason so many of our vacation pictures were messed up was that the shutter in our old Minolta was sticking. It was going to cost at least $150 to repair it. So we just bought a new one. Got a relatively new brand, but people speak highly of it. It's a Sigma SA-7. The package included two lenses, one being a 75-300mm zoom (those alone cost close to $300 sometimes), and a carrying case. Cost was $289 plus gov subsidy. Not bad. I'm anxious to get some pictures on it.

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