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Three Down, One To God (2004-10-26 - 11:53 p.m.)

Red Sox: 4
Cardinals: 1

Red Sox lead series 3-0. One game away, but we dare not start celebrating. Especially after what happened in New York.
Incidentally, they have won 7 straight games. They also made history again, this week, but in a not so good way. They became the first team in history to make 4 errors in two straight World Series games. Manny Ramiriz made two in a row Saturday night. But I think he redeemed himself tonight. He hit a solo home run in the first inning, then stole a run from the Cards by throwing Walker out at home from left field after a tag-up. What a throw! What great baseball!
I would love to see a sweep. But I would also love to see the Sox win the series at home in Fenway Park.
It was funny to see Pedro Martinez bat. For those of you not familiar so much with baseball, in the American League, of which the Red Sox are a part, the pitcher never bats. They have a "designated hitter" so the pitcher doesn't have to bat. They got smart and figured out that, since the pitchers are always such horrible batters anyway, why make them?
The National League has not yet gotten smart enough to figure that out. So they still make pitchers bat. Therefore, in a World Series, whichever field they are playing in, they follow those rules. What a horrible sentence that was. But hopefully, you understand. So...since they played in St. Louis tonight (Tuesday night), they played by NL rules, meaning the pitchers batted. Well, Pedro just kind of stood there holding a bat. I don't think he ever intended to swing. It was funny. He struck out looking. I believe I saw one of his teammates mockingly dusting his bat off as he went back to the dugout.
Next game...Wednesday night. Looks like I will start watching from Fernando's Mexican Restaurant in beautiful downtown Roanoke, Texas.


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