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A Journey Through Autism, Pt. 6 (2006-07-03 - 5:54 p.m.)

I've quit reading Evidence of Harm for a bit. Not because I don't like it, or even because it made me too angry, but because I just needed some lighter reading for a while. As soon as I finish Proven Guilty, the new Harry Dresden book by Jim Butcher (buy it, read it,!!), I think I'll pick it back up again.

I've really been waiting to finish it before I start giving little pieces of what it says in here. I want to have all my information organized before I start putting it in this journal.

I've also lost track of where we are in the process of the Combating Autism Act. I just looked at the site, and they are still tracking co-sponsors of the bill. There is still time for us to contact our representatives, I think.

We have noticed something recently, and you mothers will probably slap your heads and say "DUH" at me, but here it is, nevertheless. Stephanie's behavior patterns seem to be linked to her menstrual cycle. (Yes, I'm a guy who's not afraid to say "menstrual cycle!") This weekend, Stephie acted a little strange, although no "fits" have been thrown. We shared a baseball game together with my step father-in-law Friday night, and Stephie was just a little over-talkative and demanding.

My wife observed that it was almost exactly 4 weeks since we had gone on vacation. Stephanie acted pretty badly on the first day or two of our trip. But...she also had her sixth session of PK Therapy on Friday morning. And they are continuously upping the dosage of Glutathione until they reach the ultimate goal dosage.

But there were a couple of weeks in there where there was not a noticeable reaction (did I spell "noticeable right??)(I just looked it up. Apparently, I did.) to the therapy.

What we need to do is start keeping a behavior chart. Another head-slap moment, I think. Why haven't we already been doing this? Because we're lazy, that's why.

I read a really good verse in the Psalms this afternoon. It's in Psalm 25, verse 14. "The friendship of the LORD is for those who fear him, and he makes known to them his covenant."

I'm probably violating all kinds of copyright laws, but I want to quote a song by worship leader Matt Redman, called "The Friendship and the Fear." And I really don't think Matt would mind.

You confide in those who fear You
Share the secrets of Your heart
Friendship give to those who seek to
Honour You with every part
Though I'm one of unclean lips, Lord
I am crying "woe is me"
Trying now to rid myself of
All the things that hinder me from

Knowing You
Hearing You speak
Seeing You move mysteriously
Your whisperings
In my soul's ear
I want the friendship and the fear
Of knowing You

There is one thing You have spoken
There are two things I have found
You, O Lord, are ever loving
You are always strong
I am longing to discover
Both the closeness and the awe
Feel the nearness of Your whisper
Hear the glory of Your roar, just...

(repeats the middle section)

What a beautiful song. This is from the guy who gave us "The Heart of Worship," "Better Is One Day," and "Once Again."

Oh, yes. Notice how "honour" is spelled. Matt is, of course, from London, England.

Thanks for reading.

TTFN, y'all

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